Name Face or Heel Overall Finisher Accomplishments
Batista Face 95 Batista Bomb 5-time World Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time WWE Champion, 2005 Royal Rumble winner
John Cena Face 100 F-U, STFU 4-time Heavyweight Champion, 11-time WWE Champion, 5-time Tag Team Champion, 3-time US Champion, 7-time Slammy Award winner, 2-time Royal Rumble winner, 2012 MITB winner
Shawn Michels Face 100 Sweet Chin Music 5 time world champion, European champion, Intercontintal champion, 11 time tag team champion, 11 tim Slammy Award winner, 2 time Royal Rumble winner, WWE Hall of Famer.
Sting Face 100 Scorpion Deathlock, Scorpion Death Drop 12 time world champion, World Television champion, 2 time US champion, 7 time tag team champion, TNA hall of famer.
Triple H Face 100 Pedigree 15 time world champion, 2 time european champion, 5 time intercontintal champion, 3 time tag team champion, 1997 King of the Ring, 2002 royal rumble winner, 3 time slammy award winner
Brock Lesnar Heel 100 F-5 3 time World Heavyweight champion, 2002 King of the Ring, 2003 Royal Rumble winner, OVW Tag Team Champion, MMA fighter
The Miz Heel 88 Skull Crushing Finale, Reality Check 2 time world champion, 7 time tag team champion, 2 time US Champion, 2 time intercontinental champion, 2010 MiTB, 2 time Slammy winner
Edge Face 91 Spear, Downward Spiral, Edgecator, Edgecution 19-time tag team champion, CWA North American champion, 4-time WWE champion, 5-time intercontinental champion, 7-time heavyweight champion, United States champion, 2-time slammy award winner, 2010 Royal Rumble winner, 2001 King of the Ring, 2-time Money in the Bank winner
Christian Face 84 Impaler, Frog Splash, Spear 6-time world heavyweight champion, 9-time tag team champion, 2-time ECW champion, european champion, hardcore champion, light heavyweight champion, 4-time intercontinental champion
John Morrison Face 87-88 Moonlight Drive, Starship Pain, Nitro Blast 6-time tag team champion, ECW champion, 2-time Slammy Award winner, 3-time intercontinental champion, CWF US champion (current), NGW world champion (current), WWFX heavyweight champion (current)
Ted DiBiase Jr. Face 85 Dream Street, Million Dollar Dream

3-time Tag Team Champion, FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion, Million Dollar Champion

Snitsky Heel 76 Pumphandle Slam 2-time tag team champion, 2-time heavyweight champion
Chris Masters Heel 80 Master Lock 4-time heavyweight champion, OVW tag team champion
Ryback Heel 90 Shell Shocked OVW heavyweight champion, 4-time Slammy Award winner
Gangrel Heel 87 Impaler DDT 6-time tag team champion, 6-time heavyweight champion, LPW hall of famer
Davari Heel 80 Camel Clutch, WMD 2-time light heavyweight champion, X Division champion, 2-time cruiserweight champion (not in WWE), VPW champion, MAPW heavyweight champion, AWR no limits champion
AJ Styles Face 93 Styles Clash, Calf Killer, Superman, Spiral Tap, Frog Splash, 10-time heavyweight champion, CWF champion, PWG champion, MPW cruiserweight champion, 7-time tag team champion, 6-time X Division champion, 2-time TNA Grand Slam champion, 4-time TNA Triple Crown champion
Wade Barrett Heel 87 Bull Hammer, Wasteland, Winds of Change Heavyweight champion, 3-time intercontinental champion, 3-time tag team champion, Slammy Award winner
Cody Rhodes Face 85 Cross Rhoades OVW Television and Heavyweight champion, 7-time tag team champion, Slammy Award winner, 2-time intercontinental champion
Antonio Cesaro Heel 82 Neutralizer, Ricola Bomb,

Inverted Chikara Special

13-time tag team champion, US champion, 3-time heavyweight champion, PWG champion, 2-time SWF Powerhouse champion, first ever Andre the Giant memorial battle royale winner
Fandango Heel 92 Diving leg drop, swinging reverse STO, A Bid Farewell 5-time tag team champion, 1-time light heavyweight champion, 2-time heavyweight champion, 2-time New England champion
Shane McMahon Face 70 Coast to Coast, Leap of Faith European Champion, Hardcore Champion
Finlay Face 86 Celtic Cross, Celtic Knot, kneeling reverse piledriver 12-time heavyweight champion, US champion, TV champion, CWA tag team champion, 2-time light champion
Puma/TJ Perkins/Manik Face 83 520 corkscrew springboard tornado DDT, Puma Suplex, Figure Four Deathlock, Skull Crusher, Mega Buster, 86er 3-time lightheavyweight champion, APW internet champion, EWF tag team champion, NWA heritage champion, UWA Canadian champion
Vladimir Kozlov Heel 84 Kozlock, Iron Curtain OVW heavyweight champion, WWE tag team champion, Slammy Award winner
Santino Marella Face 73 Cobra Strike, Triangle hold 2-time OVW TV champion, 2-time intercontinental champion, US champion, WWE tag team, 2-time Miss Wrestlemania
Jeff Hardy/Willow Face 96 Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb, Spine Line, running umbrella strike to the groin while opponent is in Tree of Woe (as Willow), diving body splash off of a ladder (as Willow) 4-time light heavyweight champion, WWE champion, 4-time intercontinental champion, 2-time Slammy Award winner, 6-time heavyweight champion, european champion, NEWA Hall of Famer, 10-time tag team champion, 3-time hardcore champion, UWA world middleweight champion, NEW junior heavyweight champion, OMEGA new frontiers champion
Austin Aries Heel 95 450 Splash, Brainbuster, Last Chancery MAW junior heavyweight champion, 3-time tag team champion, 2-time heavyweight champion, 2-time X Division champion, 3-time cruiserweight champion, MWCW light heavyweight champion, ROH world champion
Carlito Face 85 Backstabber, Overdrive 15-time heavyweight champion, 4-time tag team champion, FC TV champion, US champion, intercontinental champion
Farooq Face 94 Dominator 2-time heavyweight champion, 7-time tag team champion, WWE Hall of Famer
Chris Benoit Face 90 Crippler Crossfase, Diving Headbutt, Sharpshooter 12-time tag team champion, 6-time heavyweight champion, 4-time intercontinental champion, 5-time US champion, 3-time TV champion, 2004 Royal Rumble winner, light heavyweight champion, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Famer, IWGP junior heavyweight champion, UWE Hall of Famer
Hulk Hogan Face 100 Atomic Leg Drop WWE Hall of Famer, 9-time heavyweight champion, 2-time Royal Rumble winner. WWE tag team champion, 6-time WWF/E champion
Sonjay Dutt Face 84 450 Splash, Camel Clutch, Hindu Press, Moonstomp, Sonjay Cutter 6-time Junior Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, CSWF Cruiser X Champion, PCW Heavyweight Champion, 2- time KYDA Pro Mid-Atlantic Champion, IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion, 2-time Cup winner
Mr. Anderson Heel 89 Green Bay Plunge, Kenton Bomb, The Mic Check 8-time Heavyweight Champion, 5-time Tag Team Champion, US Champion, 2007 MiTB winner, ACW TV Champion and Hall of Famer
Bubba Ray Dudley Heel 92 Bubba Bomb,  Bubba Cutter, Release Powerbomb 24-time Tag Team Champion, current TNA Heavyweight Champion, 10-time Hardcore Champion
Phineas Flynn Face 86

Phineas Destoryer, Corkscrew DDT, Crucifix, The End of Summer, Twist of Fate (occasionally)

7-time Tag Team Champion, US Champion, European Champion, 2-time International Champion, UWE Champion (current), UWE Cruiserweight Champion, 2011 CZW King of the Deathmatch
Ferb Fletcher Face 86 Ferb Bomb, Cutter, Superkick, 450 Splash 8-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time Intercontinental Champion, UWE Cruiserweight Champion, 3-time UWE Hardcore Champion
Gail Kim Heel 80 Eat Defeat, Happy Ending, Flying Dragon 2-time Women's Champion, TNA Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Champion
Mickie Kames Face 79 Mickie-DT, Long Kiss Goodnight, Mick Kick 12-time Women's Champion, 2-time Divas Champion, 2-time Knockout Champion, ICW Super Juniors Champion, UWE Women's Tag Team Champion (current)
Candace Flynn Tweener 79 Busted, Armbar, Reverse Twisting Neckbreaker 3-time Mixed Tag Team Champion, UWE Women's Champion
Velvet Sky Face 76 Skyliner, In Yo' Face, Beauty-T 3-time Women's Champion, GWA Ladies Champion, 3-time Tag Team Champion, WEW World Champion, 2-time Knockout Champion (current)
AJ Lee Heel 81 Black Widow, Shiranui (AKA Sliced Bread #2) FCW Divas Champion, 2-time Slammy Award winner, WSU Tag Team Champion
Kaitlyn Face 75 Atomic Wedgie Bomb, Spear, Wedgie Flatliner Current Divas Champion, NXT winner (season three)
Trish Stratus Face 82 Chick Kick, Stratusfaction Hardcore Champion, 7-time Women's Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, UWE Women's Tag Team Champion (current)
Kane Face 87 Chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver 13-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time Heavyweight Champion, Hardcore Champion, WWF Champion, ECW Champion, 2010 MiTB winner, Slammy Award winner
Dean Ambrose Heel 92 One Hitter, Arm trap cross-legged STF, Headlock driver, Midnight Special, Hook and Ladder 8-time Heavyweight Champion, 7-time Tag Team Champion, current US Champion, IWP Mid-American Champion
Seth Rollins Heel 91 Blackout, Skywalker, Diving or a springboard high knee, God's Last Gift, Paroxysm, Avada Kedavra Phoenix splash 5-time Heavyweight Champion, AIW Intense Division Champion, 8-time Tag Team Champion (current WWE Tag Team Champion), ROH World Champion, NXT Champion, FCW 15 Champion, IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion
Roman Reigns Heel 93 Checkmate, Moment of Silence, Spear 3-time Tag Team Champion (current WWE Tag Team Champion)
Kofi Kingston Face 88 Trouble in Paradise 3-time Tag Team Champion, 4-time Intercontinental Champion, 3-time US Champion, Slammy Award winner
Goldust Face 81 Final Cut, Shattered Dreams, Blackout, Curtain Call 3-time Tag Team Champion, 9-time Hardcore Champion, 6-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time Slammy Award winner, 3-time Intercontinental Champion, 2-time WCW US Champion
Curtis Axel Heel 83 Turning Heads, Hennig-Plex FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, current Intercontinental Champion
Zack Ryder Face 83 Rough Ryder, Zack Attack 6-time Tag Team Champion, US Champion, 4-time Slammy Award winner, UWE International Champion (current), 2-time UWE Hardcore Champion
Mason Ryan Face 85 House of Pain, Pumphandle Slam, Vertical suplex poweslam, Over the shoulder belly to back piledriver, Backbreaker rack FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion
D-Von Dudley Heel 89 Piledriver, Saving Grace, Rope hung neckbreaker WWO International Champion, 24-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time US Heavyweight Champion, 2-time TNA TV Champion (current)
Luke Gallows Heel 90 Chokeslam, Diving Neckbreaker, Twelfth Step, Fireman's carry flapjack 2-time Heavyweight Champion, VCW World Champion
Garrett Bischoff Heel 91 Snapmare driver
Mike Knox Heel 87 Knox Out, Inverted fisherman buster, Bicycle Kick 2-time IZW Heavyweight Champion, 2-time Tag Team Champion, APWA Harcore Cup Champion (current)
Wes Brisco Heel 90 Brisco Roll 3-time Tag Team Champion, FUW Heavyweight Champion, TNA Gut Check winner
Tazz Face 95 Tazzmission, Tazmission-Plex 6-time Heavyweight Champion, IWCCW Light Heavyweight Champion, ECW TV Champion, 3-time WWF Hardcore Champion, 4-time Hardcore Champion,
D'Lo Brown Heel 87 Lo Down, Sky High BAW Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, 13-time Heavyweight Champion, CAPW North American Champion, 4-time European Champion, Intercontinental Champion
Chavo Guerrero Face 89 Frog splash Gory Bomb 6-time Tag Team Champion, 4-time Cruiserweight Champion, ECW Champion, 2-time Heavyweight Champion
Hernandez Face 83 Border Toss, Diving Splash, Inverted side sitout powerslam, Scoop lift sitout powerbomb 11-time Heavyweight Champion, 10-time Tag Team Champion, ETW Texas Champion, TASW Hardcore Champion
John Heidenreich Face 82 Overhead gutwrench dropped into an inverted shoulderbreaker, Spinning side slam 5-time Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, AWR No Limits Champion
Matt Morgan Heel 83 Carbon Footprint, Hellevator 4-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time TNA Tag Team Champion
Chris Jericho Face 95 Codebreaker, Lionsault, Walls of Jericho, Lion Tamer, Breakdown 4-time Heavyweight Champion, 11-time Tag Team Champion, Undisputed WWF Champion, 8-time Intercontinental Champion, 2-time TV Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, European Champion, 2-time WCW Champion, WAR International Junio Heavyweight Champion, NWA World Middleweight Champion, 2-time Slammy Award winner
Ric Flair Face 100 Figure Four Leglock 26-time Heavyweight Champion, 2-time WWF Champion, 5-time Hall of Famer, Slammy Award winner, 9-time Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 1992 Royal Rumble winner, 2-time TV Champion, 6-time WCW US Champion
Raven Face 89-90 Even Flow DDT 14-time Heavyweight Champion, 11-time Tag Team Champion, 28-time Hardcore Champion (27 in WWF), 2-time Hall of Famer, NWA Pacific Northwest TV Champion, VCW Champion, 2005 King of the Mountain, WCW US Champion, WCW Light Heavyweight Champion, USA Pro Champion, AWF Australasian Champion
Marcus Cor Von Heel 86 Alpha Bomb, Pounce 2-time Heavyweight Champion
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Face 97 Old Glory, Three-point stance clothesline 3-time Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Tag Team Champion, WCW US and TV Champion, TASW Champion, WWE Hall of Famer, 2-time Slammy Award winner, 1988 Royal Rumble winner (first ever)
JTG Heel 74 Da Shout Out 2-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, UWE Hardcore Champion
Matt Hardy Face 92 Twist of Fate, White Light Experience 4-time Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, Hardcore Champion, European Champion, 12-time Tag Team Champion, US Champion, NEWA Champion and Hall of Famer, NFWA Champion, Cruiserweight Champion
Rey Mysterio Face 95 619 (with various finishers) 11-time Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion, 4-time Welterweight Champion, 8-time Cruiserweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 2006 Royal Rumble winner, WWA Lightweight Champion, WWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion, HHW Light Heavyweight Champion, 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, 2-time International Wrestling Council World Middleweight Champion, 3-time Hall of Famer
Tommy Dreamer Face 85 Dreamer Driver, DDT, Tommy Hawk 8-time Heavyweight Champion (current UWE Heavyweight Champion), 8-time Tag Team Champion, 15-time Hardcore Champion (14 in WWF), 2-time ECW Champion, Elite Pro Wrestling Alliance Champion (current), ICW Champion (current), Hardcore Hall of Famer
Duncan Face 89 Punk Metal Stunner, Hell's Bells 3-time UWE Tag Team Champion, 4-time UWE Hardcore Champion, Mixed Tag Team Champion
Alex Shelly Face 84 Automatic Midnight, Sliced Bread #2, Shelly Clutch, Shellshock, Border City Stretch 9-time Tag Team Champion, 4-time Cruiserweight Champion, 2-time X Division Champion (1 time in TNA), Zero1-Max United States Openweight Champion, BCW Can-Am TV Champion, CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion, 2-time UWA Lightweight Champion, 2-time xWx Heavyweight Champion
Chris Sabin Face 86 Cradle Shock, Over Easy, Future Shock, Cross-legged sitout scoop slam piledriver 6-time Tag Team Champion, 3-time Heavyweight Champion, 6-time Cruiserweight Champion, 4-time TNA X Division Champion, GLAPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, 3-time TV Champion, IWC Super Indy Champion 
Kashmir Sungh Face 71 Camel Clutch FCW 15 Champion
Petey Williams Face 85 Canadian Destroyer BCW Can-Am TV Champion, 4-time Heavyweight Champion, 2-time TNA X Division Champion, 2-time Junior Heavyweight Champion, 2-time Light Heavyweight Champion, CLASH Champion, NWA Upstate No Limits Champion, PWA Cruiserweight Champion, PPW Franchise Champion, 2-time Tag Team Champion
Khan Heel 92 Khan Bomb, Bearhog OVW Heavyweight Champion
Joe Sexy Heel 83 Sexy Splash
Stephanie McMahon Face 78 Pedigree WWF Women's Champion
Vader Face 89 Vader Bomb, Vadersault, Sky High 14-time Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Tag Team Champion, WCW US Champion
Alex Starr Face 87 Starrstruck
Rich Money Heel 93 Corkscrew moonsault
Jake Face 87 Super neckbreaker, Figure four leg lock/sleeper hold combination 2-time UWE Tag Team Champion, 3-time UWE Hardcore Champion
Randy Savage Face 100 Diving elbow drop 16-time Heavyweight Champion, NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Champion, 2-time WWF Champion, Intercontinental Champion
Shark Boy Face 79 DSD, Chummer 2-time APW Junior Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion (current UWE Tag Team Champion), 9-time Heavyweight Champion, 7-time Cruiserweight Champion, 2-time Light Heavyweight Champion, 2-time TV Champion
Goldberg Face 100 Jackhammer, Spear 2-time Heavyweight Champion, WCW US Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion
Mick Foley Face 94 Double Arm DDT, Mandible Claw 16-time Tag Team Champion, 4-time Heavyweight Champion, Hardcore Champion, WWE Hall-of-Famer, 3-time WWF Champion, TNA Legends Champion, WCWA World Light Heavyweight Champion, 3-time MSW North American Champion,
Davey Richads Face 83 14:59, DR Driver 1, DR Driver 2 9-time Tag Team Champion, Futurshock Champion, 2-time FIP World Heavyweight Champion, 2-time World Champion
Kevin Steen Heel 84 Crossface, F-Cinq, Package piledriver, Steenalizer 6-time Heavyweight Champion, 5-time Tag Team Champion, UWE International Champion, IWS Canadian Champion, C*4 Champion, CZW Iron Man Champion, 4-time World Champion, NSPW Champion
Scott Hall Face 92 Outsider's Edge 9-time Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental, Champion, 3-time Heavyweight Champion, WCW TV Champion, 2-time WCW US Champion, Slammy Award winner, 2014 WWE Hall of Famer
Kurt Laramee Face 85 Backbreaker rack, Ghetto Drop PWG World Champion
Firefly Heel 83 Asian Mist
Hummingbird Heel 83 Asian Mist
Christian York Face 87 Mood Swing. Southern Cross Bomb. Frog Splash, Rebel Yell 13-time Tag Team Champion (current UWE Tag Team Champion), 7-time Heavyweight Champion (current MCW Heavyweight Champion), 4-time Light Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Cruiserweight Champion, TNA Gut Check Winner, current SCWA Mindshock TV Champion, 2-time SCW Junior Heavyweight Champion
Michael Shane/Matt Bentley Face 86 Picture Perfect Elbow, Sweet Shane Music, Fisherman DDT 2-time Tag Team Champion, FPWA Champion, TWA TV Champion, 2-time TNA X Division Champion, CSWF Cruiser X Champion
Todd Shane Heel 86 Exploder suplex, Fireman's carry cutter 12-time Tag Team Champion, NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion
Mony Malenko Heel 95 Easy Steet
Big E Langston Face 92 The Big Ending NXT Tag Team Champion, NXT Champion
Jack Evans Face 87 630 Senton, sometimes while performing a corkscrew, Stuntin' 101, Ode to Blitzkrieg AAA World Cruiserweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, AWA Washington Heavyweight Champion, PWU Jumior Heavyweight Champion
Violent J Face 94 Moonsault, Sitout scoop slam piledriver 3-time JCW Tag Team Champion
Shaggy 2 Dope Face 94 Diving leg drop 2-time JCW Tag Team Champion, JCW Heavyweight Champion
Dolph Ziggler Heel 94 Zig Zag, Blonde Ambition, Sleeper hold 3-time Tag Team Champion, 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontienental Champion, United States Champion, 2012 MITB winner
Alex Riley Heel 82 You're Dismissed, Riley Elevation FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion
Jerry Lawler Face 98 Piledriver, Crown Drop Too many Heavyweight Championships to count, 38-time Tag Team Champion, Memphis Wrestling Television Champion, 4-time Slammy Award winner, WWE Hall of Famer
Titus O'Neil Heel 84 Clash of the Titus FCW Florida Tag Team Champion
Darren Young Heel 83 Gut Check, Heat Wave 2-time Tag Team Champion, ECWA Mid Atlantic Champion, 2-time ECWA Heavyweight Champion, Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion
Stone Cold Steve Austin Face 100 Stone Cold Stunner 7-time Tag Team Champion, 6-time WWF Champion, 2-time Intercontinental Champion, 2-time WCW TV Champion, Million Dollar Champion, 3-time Royal Rumble winner (1997, 1998, 2001), 2-time WCW US Champion, 1996 King of the Ring, 2009 WWE Hall of Famer
Matt Taven Face 79 Arm trap headlock driver 2-time Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion, 3-time Heavyweight Champion, current ROH TV Champion, NWA On Fire Tag Team Champion, ROH Top Prospect Tournament winner (2013), Robbie Ellis Tournament of Super Juniors Winner
Jake Devlin Neutral 84 666, Reverse Death Valley Driver
Tony Tornado Tweener 87 Super Tornado DDT
Nicky Champion Heel 97 Champion Slam
Kevin Thorn Heel 83 The Crucifix, Dark Kiss 11-time Heavyweight Champion (current FEW Heavyweight Champion), 2-time Tag Team Champion, MCW Hardcore Champion
Tensai Face 84 Baldo Bomb, Train Wreck, Benard Driver, Benard Bomb 2-time Heavyweight Champion, 4-time Tag Team Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion
Ultimate Warrior Face 100 Running splash 4-time Heavyweight Champion, WCWA World Tag Team Champion, WWF Intercontinetal Champion
Kamala Face 82 Air Africa 8-time Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Tag Team Champion, SXW Hardcore Champion
King Kong Bundy Heel 89 Avelanche Splash, Big splash 8-time Heavyweight Champion, 3-time Tag Team Champion, IWS US Champion, Slammy Award winner, PWR Hall-of-Famer
Vampiro Face 87 Nail in the Coffin, Vampiro's Bite 2-time Tag Team Champion, 3-time IWA Hardcore Champion, 7-time Heavyweight Champion, WSX Champion, NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion, FWG Champion
Queztal Guerrero Face 89 Frog Splash, Lasso from El Paso
Mark Hinderson Heel 92 You're Out!, Deathlock into a figure four arm lock
Melissa Coats Face 77 Kiss of Death, Lesbian Lock, Tornillo
Samuel Shaw Heel 63 Kata gatame, Breaking Point, Irish Car Bomb, Samton Bomb, Shaw Shank 2-time OVW Southern Tag Team Champion, 3-time Vintage Heavyweight Champion.