The UWE Championship- The most coveted prize ever in UWE.

Current Champion- Phineas Flynn

UWE United States- The most patriotic title in UWE.  A starter's title at best for newcomers and veterans to fight for, but it has catapulted careers before.

Current champion- Matt Hardy

UWE International- The 3rd best title in UWE.

Current champion- Zack Ryder

UWE Tag Team- Only for our tag teams.

Current champions- Christian York and Shark Boy

UWE Hardcore- The most hardcore title of all in UWE.

Current champion- Raven

UWE Mixed Tag- Kinda like The UWE tag, But a boy AND a girl can (and will) hold it! First time anyone's done that before!

Current champions- Duncney

UWE Women's Tag- For the women tag teams.

Current champions- Trish Stratus & Mickie James

UWE Women's- The main title for the divas.

Current champion- Eve Torres

UWE Heavyweight Championship- The second most coveted prize in the UWE.

Current champion- Tommy Dreamer

UWE Cruiserweight Championship- A championship for wrestlers under 215 lb.

Current champion- Evan Bourne

UWE Light Heavyweight Championship- For wrestlers who weigh 215-230 lb.

Current Champion- CM Punk